The Quarantine Game

Game Design
Video Game

The Quarantine Game is an experiential and Autobiographical Game based on my personal experience of being quarantined when I first moved to Germany. It shows my 14 days in a hotel in Münster Germany and how I and my two friends handled it. It was done as a part of my class project to learn creative coding. All the images in this game gave been sketched using Procreate. The music chosen for the background is "Je ne parle par france" by 'Namika', an instrumental version of a popular german song.


The project at hand is an exciting opportunity to learn to build games from start to end via code.


Game Description: Introduction: There are 8 main scenes in this game. The introduction screen introduces the scenario and tells how to start the game. The game is a leisure game with no competition or points system. This is then followed by the Home Screen on the game. Here the player choses what they want to. do for the time-being in the game. They have 3 choices - to stay in their own room, to sneak into one of the friend's rooms or to sneak outside. Each option has its own set of activities. Rooms: Staying in her own room, the player can perform activities such as reading a book, eating food, watching TV, calling family, taking photos or sketching. Going to the friends' rooms had similar options of eating, watching TV, taking photos or calling people but it also includes talking to each other. Both rooms have leisure tasks and the rooms are based on how they actually looked in my life. The player can also move around in both the settings or just click on these objects to perform the task. Sneak Outside: This option leads to another choice screen. Here the player can chose sneaking into a grocery store nearby or sneaking to the park by the lake. The grocery store has a number of items and a basket. The player can chose any item they want and checkout. The park has a lake, trees and a path for the player to walk back or forth for as long as they want. Time: The game as a timer for 14 days (around 14 hours in real time) in total to end the game. The player can find that at the bottom left. But the player can also directly end the game by pressing "Control"+"Alt/Option"+"e" or get back into the game after ending by pressing "b"+"Alt/Option"+"Left Arrow".

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