UI Design
Mobile Application

A team-building application for the university students and faculty to connect people of similar within a university setting. It was a Group Project turned to Startup Initiative.


- Students have difficulty finding people with similar interests to collaborate with. - No specific platform pertaining to just the community of academicians. - Lack of knowledge of research and projects going on within a university/institution


A mobile application to create a network of academicians within a specific environment. ‍ Design Process: Research - User Survey and Key Insights Persona and Empathy Maps User-flow and Conceptual Map Design App concept ‍ Research: A survey was conducted and with outcomes as provided in the Images. The key insights are as follows: Finding Teammates - Students often end up struggling to find the right teammates to work with. They often compromise their academic interests just to stay in a team. Research Outreach - There is very little outreach on the faculty-led research and industry projects happening in colleges. Network of Academicians - There Current Networking platforms are not specific to a large community of academicians where research work, information on conferences etc. can be shared. ‍ Persona and Empathy Map: Undergraduate Students where class sizes are large and academic activity is very diverse. Faculty as well that are looking to connect with students based on their skills and interests. A few personas were created as presented below to show the range of students. It is provided in the images below. ‍ User-flow and Concept Mapping: Two separate user-flows were designed for the faculty and the student. This was then used to make the concept map. ‍ Designing App Content: The Low- and High- Fidelity wireframes were designed . Then the Color Guide and Style Guide was chosen. The UI segment was designed. Finally, the screens were designed and prototyped.

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