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This project is an educational, scenario-based board game for adolescent girls to solve menstrual health problems and tackle the stigma surrounding menstruation prevalent in many communities.


Menstrual health is a crucial aspect of life for half the world's population, yet it's often neglected in educational systems across the globe. The stark reality of many schools in India shying away from addressing menstrual health education in their curriculum struck a chord with me. Even when it is mandated, some schools merely advise students to seek information on their own. I was informed of this from the social workers and the adolescents who I interviewed at the NGO. This issue is exacerbated in conservative families from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, where discussions about menstruation are often taboo. A concerted effort is needed to bridge this educational gap and foster open dialogue surrounding menstruation in all communities.


Mitra is a playful learning experience designed to bridge the gap around menstrual health education and destigmatization. It takes the approach of a scenario-based board game that facilitates educating adolescent girls about menstrual health and the stigma around menstruation. Each scenario is inspired by real-life interviews and research, allowing players to step into different community roles, explore various situations, and collaboratively find solutions to menstrual health issues and stigmas. This method of game-based learning aims to foster open communication, destigmatize menstrual health, and encourage information-finding and problem-solving skills. As a multiplayer game for 2-6 players, Mitra is versatile and can be used in schools, community centers, or even at home with family members. Adults can facilitate the game to support and guide the youth by promoting a broader understanding of menstrual health and reducing stigma in a fun, educational setting.

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